Nobody has ever lost money from taking profits.

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And point three is moot cfd or stocks - I know how the game works, but as you say it will help me to get out near the top of the local high. I have my portfolio in a spreadsheet with each coin given a certain percentage I would like it to be at, this includes a percentage for USD. Leverage up to It's simply impossible to guess the top. Don't hold onto bags that you wouldn't acquire fresh.

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Post Contents [ hide ]. What profit taking methods are people utilizing in their strategy? Now, if BTC raises further you can either sell further or just wait and see if it will go even higher and thus still be invested. This way I don't cut my future earnings too much, but also will get some medium-term benefit from investing.


Now, about profits. And this applies to steem as well. When my bitcoin proportion goes above the upper boundary, I sell in order to take it down to the lower boundary. In the early years, the bitcoin miners were able to earn coins relatively quickly.

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Write down your plan. What will you profit strategy be? Write it down on a piece of paper or on a notepad saved on your phone and stick to it. I prefer simple strategies. Follow us for product announcements, feature updates, user stories and posts about crypto. I don't need to tell you that in Dec 17, everything rose and fell in unison.

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Post a comment! STEEM 0. There is a fine make money online one dollar between hodling and riding the wave. Cant find anything on this The binary trading money management thing I know is that btc will continue to rise in value over the next 10 years.

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Guess I'm holding to zero. Mining your cryptocurrencies may be more difficult than the other ways, but it may be more profitable when you mine successfully.